Animation samples

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In a perfect day, a short love story

The first video project I took on from start to finish (writing, directing, filming, editing, and voicing) was a promotional short for a college speed dating event called Be There or Be Square. I started by asking friends what their "perfect day" would look like, and a common theme that emerged was being with someone they loved. I used their answers to construct the voiceover.

To maximize storytelling potential, I wrote the script so that it would tell a narrative that was parallel to, but that would eventually converge, with the narrative in the B-roll, which ends by referencing the name of the event.

Early Editing Samples: Dance Videos

Typically, these performances are filmed in several parts (e.g., the dance is broken up into 2-4 sections ahead of time). However, like in other forms of hobby videomaking, common limitations include poor environmental conditions (e.g., wind and light), and simply not having enough time to get clean takes. Cuts, unless used for effect, can make movements and formations look discontinuous. As the editor, my job was to get around these limitations, making cuts as unnoticeable as possible while minimizing performers' mistakes. The performers below were from collectives in Montreal, Canada.

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