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2021: Soap

This 4-panel comic is a cartoon about the artist, Mona, illustrated as a female-presenting Asian gal. Her dark hair is in a messy ponytail and she is wearing a plain t-shirt. The illustration style features loosely drawn lines and some washy shading. The comic mostly grayscale. In the 1st of 4 comic panels, Mona is sitting with 3 bars of colorful, artisan soap on the table in front of her. She is turned towards the left side of the image, reaching into a brown paper bag behind the table. The bag rustles as she draws a 4th bar of soap from the bag with her left hand. This panel, along with the subsequent panels, are watermarked on the bottom left corner with Mona's instagram handle (@monamonalisa).
In the 2nd of 4 comic panels, Mona is holding her new bar of soap in both hands. The soap is a pink-ish color. She holds the soap up to her nose and closes her eyes, smelling the fancy soap aroma.
In the 3rd of 4 comic panels, Mona has set the bar of soap down on the table. She is looking contently at the soap collection in front of her. Mona's partner enters the panel from the left. He is male-presenting Asian/Pacific Islander with short black hair. He is wearing a white t-shirt, but appears to have just showered, as his hair is damp and there is a towel draped around his neck. He approaches Mona while drying his hair with his left hand portion of the towel.
In the 4th of 4 comic panels, Mona's partner stands next to Mona, who is still looking at her soap. He has stopped drying his hair. He says to her: "For someone who really likes soap, you don't seem to shower much." Without looking up, Mona replies: "Hehe yeah." End of comic - Mona's signature is in the bottom right corner of this panel.


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