Human neck

Client: Dave Mazierski.
Media: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator.
Audience: Undergraduate students.

Objective: Digital tonal study of the anatomy of the anterior neck and inferior lateral cervical region. A specimen from the J. C. B. Grant's Museum was used as the primary reference for this illustration.


Last updated in January, 2018.


Comprehensive sketch

I made an observational sketch of a prosection in the J.C.B. Grant's Museum. Since some structures were atypical or unclear due to deterioration, I cross-referenced several anatomical atlases and consulted an anatomical expert to confirm my understanding.


Vector tracing

Using Adobe Illustrator, I drew vector shapes of significant structures so that these could later be used as "selection" layers.

neck screenshot.PNG

Digital painting

Once imported into Adobe Photoshop, the layers resulting from the vector shapes would facilitate painting by selection. Lighting was inferred based on the upper-left-hand-light (approx. 45 degrees) convention.